Patronizing Disrespect
Mr. Demastus
In regard to the mail concerning the SCV holding events where we are treated wrongfully, as to flag displays etc., There is a disconnect of thinking on the part of many, as to the need to use what means we have to effect the bad choices of our adversaries. Their actions are the result of there fear that others wont patronize them if they don’t take the position they have, and it is our responsibility to instill in them the same concern for doing so. For no more than a complaint from one malcontent regarding a Confederate issue, a policy will be put in place. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and the problem is the SCV needs to stop greasing its wheels. If we don’t get an "in there face" attitude, we aren’t going to effect decisions in our favor. That approach has worked well for our opponents. Unless we are willing to be inconvenienced to make our point, we will continue to see these sort of things.
Terry Pierce 
Lt, Commander
Oklahoma Division