To the Editor,

First, let me congratulate you on a fine local newspaper.  I read it frequently and really appreciate your efforts.  That being said, I could not pass up the opportunity to respond to your editorial “Patriots?”  I don’t personally know any of the folks involved in putting up the Confederate battle flag on I-95, but I certainly empathize with their love of ancestry and history.  Southerners (and not a few Copperheads) have always made a compelling philosophical argument for the Confederate side of the Civil War that any serious minded student of history should consider. 

Mr. Fausz, you have accused “hundreds” of people you don’t even have a nodding acquaintance with, of being “rife with racism,” “Spewing anger on a particular community,” and “proliferating hatred.”  You even went so far as to link them with the KKK.  Do you have any direct evidence that the Virginia Flaggers and their associates are linked with the KKK or sympathize with them?  If not, the accusation is outrageous and morally unacceptable!  These could be your neighbors!  Do you have some sort of divining rod that reads the intent of the heart?  You’ve clearly lost your head on this issue and owe them a sincere and public apology.

Michael Smart