Miss Mississippi ‘passionate’ about Southern heritage

September 26, 2013
By Michael

Revealing contrast with Miss America points to Southern distinctiveness

The lovely Southern lady who was crowned Miss Mississippi, Chelsea Rick of Fulton, sounded a decidedly different note from the Indian immigrant Nina Davuluri (representing New York) who ultimately was given the title Miss America. Davuluri complained about ‘racist’ tweets, ran on the platform of ‘celebrating diversity through cultural competency’ and noted with happiness that ‘the girl next door is evolving, as the diversity of America evolves.’ The evolving ‘diversity of America’ is, of course, achieved through the anti-White immigration policy of the United State Federal Government which consistently strikes down State immigration laws, takes sheriffs to court for doing their job and periodically grants amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Some Progressive leaders such as Michael Lind have admitted (and praised the fact) that this policy is displacing Whites in general and Southerners in particular. While Davuluri praised the ongoing transformation of the US into a demographically Third World society, Rick spoke out in support of her Southern identity, writing ‘I am a Southern girl who is passionate about the heritage of my family and my state.’ She went on to add:

The thing I cherish most in this world is my family, and the love between us can transcend any situation. I am thankful for the blessings in my life, and I love every minute of it. I strive to not take one minute for granted; more importantly, however, I strive to not take one of my God-given gifts for granted.

Quite a contrast. Miss Rick reminds us that Southerners are a distinct people. Despite the political agenda (to promote ‘diversity’) of the people behind the Miss America pageant, the best of the South was represented well by Chelsea Rick. Well done, Miss Mississippi.

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