From: Craig Maus –
Date: Sun, Sep 5, 2010

Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein),
I am now what is referred to as a ‘senior’ citizen.  I suppose that constitutes some meaning with respect to age.
But if age is the associated aggregate, then it is also equally true that with time comes the ability to see more clearly….if one has the design to do so.
Obama and many of the Washington despots are many years my junior now.  I have seen them come…..and I have seen them go.
And with each (with the small exception of a few here and there), and ever since the 1960’s in particular, they and their spawn have grown worse.  Sadly, many Americans continue to ‘buy into’ the failed allegiance scenario of standing with ‘one party’ or the other and blaming the other for the ill-forgotten woes of this country.
It is a blind allegiance that has allowed both party’s to BLEED us all dry…. and our country as well.
And with each ‘election’ , we hope that the principles that made America strong will somehow miraculously renew themselves via the ‘contemporary position’ that one party or the other is ‘championing’ at the time.
It NEVER happens.
Age will educate each & everyone to that hard but unfortunate fact of life as everyone will ultimately see & learn for themselves.  As times change, the two-party system that has DESTROYED America will remain consistent in their endeavors.  Changing times will always ‘suit’ their contemporary position & ‘arguments’ as a means by which they will only continue to ‘divide & conquer’ this great land until nothing will remain but they, and the political power base they created for themselves.
Time serves as a ‘Pass & Review’ to reflect upon that which once was as opposed to that which has become!
I have been fighting for the Confederate Cause for 17 years now.  I came to understand & identify what the suffering of those Confederates must have been like long ago…. when they too had too ‘Pass & Review’.
To see what once was, and what was to be NO more is beyond the ability for most to imagine much less describe in words.
To see a Republic being dissolved, Reconstructed & Transformed before your very eyes and held powerless like a man with two hands tied behind his back while you’re being beaten unmercifully, is beyond the power of common man to articulate.
And, as they grew older, the Cause for which they fought and were reminded of with each passing day and year, only grew louder and louder until their days of ‘Pass & Review’ came to an end.
I have a deep regard and undying respect for this land called home.  I am my fathers son and my pride resonates within those humble teachings learned many years ago when simplicity, humility, respect and esteem were once the norm within this country when their were NO excuses for bad behaviour and understanding good from bad and right from wrong required NO special teachings…. and when we knew who and what this country was about…or so we thought.
My folks, like most, worked hard & long and never complained nary a bit although they had more woes & headaches than most today and long before Prozac became the Nation’s remedy.  They sacrificed and bled and never got to see the house with the ‘white picket’ fence they had hoped for.  Today, that house is wantonly given away by the Federals because it has become a Social entitlement as hard work, the once paramount benchmark as the remedy for success, does NOT even enter into the equation any longer.  Today it is a Federal come one, come all philosophy that strips the land & country of its purpose & identity via Special Interests whose creation has culminated in vast voting blocks who care NOT about the nation, but rather, that party who will nany-sit them and provide them with that which most others are still seeking to achieve….or were never to have realized through NO fault of their own!
The Federals had NO trouble in taking my parents’ money and YOURS in their ‘march to the sea of oblivion.’
While they were working hard and long, however, the Federals were continuing to Reconstruct this country in THEIR image.
Social entitlement was  becoming the conduit though which the ‘golden goose’ (John Doe Taxpayer) and the public treasury were being ripped off and stripped of their intended purpose.  It became a means toward the Federal ends and government was GROWING itself at a rate faster than most could ever comprehend.
Of course, that ‘March’ of theirs was but the continuation of that same one undertaken long ago, in which they embarked upon during their so-called Civil War.
I was growing up during their ‘modern-day’ times.
……(Modern-day, hmmm- remember the air-raid sirens when y’all had to hide beneath your desks in the public classroom for fear of a nuclear strike?)…..
As I watched my parents struggle, I was also watching the Federals at a very young age.  I watched them in action and I was always attracted to the political pages of the newspapers as we didn’t have TV back then.
And even then, some things to this writer who has become a Diehard Confederate, simply didn’t make sense.
And you know what they say-  ‘If it doesn’t make sense, its usually NOT true.’
I had many discussions with my Pop about the government.  I was always ‘curious’.
I didn’t do all that well in school but there was always two subjects in which I constantly excelled-  American History and English.  I read much about the Civil War back then.  It (Civil War) never received the appropriate time it deserved even back then and, sadly,  far less today.
After all was said and done, the ONE THING THAT NEVER MADE SENSE TO ME THEN, OR EVER, was why so many Confederates would fight for something they had NO involvement or interest in- SLAVERY!
As the years passed and as the Federal government was GROWING & GROWING with more and more money being taken from everyone, that which I remembered as a boy and that which was my passion in school (American History) began to intertwine.  You might say a ‘connection’ was made.
I suppose the catalyst for this was when the Federals took my parents land and home for a Dam project in the early 1970’s.  My Dad was dying of cancer when a Federal assessor ‘marched’ through our house without any dignity or respect for us or him to judge what it was ‘worth’.  Months later a Federal Marshall presented me with Court-Issued documents informing me that they (home & land) were both being taking via Eminent Domain…the result of me telling the Feds to shove their ‘offer’ where the sun has never shined!  And nearly 25 years after they SEIZED the property for the ‘good of others’  along the River, the Dam project was CANCELLED and ALL land turned over to the National Park Service.
By this time, the Federal pattern had become more than painfully clear to me— politically, culturally, socially and economically.
Like most people, I was always taught to give the ‘benefit of doubt’ to another.  That belief can carry with it extreme & negative consequences…particularly when the ‘other’ is NOT playing by the same rules as you thought they were supposed to.
Throughout this time I was continuing to research even more extensively the ‘Civil War’ as I believed there was a connection to ‘today’ (then) and the present..
And finally, after many long years ago of research, God was gracious enough to allow me to make the connection as to what ‘it was all about’….the Civil War was ALL about political change & an ideology THAT WOULD USE A SOCIAL STRUCTURE to alter the face and purpose of this country while advancing the Growth and Power Base of the Federal Establishment.
I had difficulty at first because I did not know if my contempt for them resulting from my personal experiences was influencing me.  That ‘benefit of doubt’ thing again.
It wasn’t!  God has strange ways of evoking an awakening in each of us.  Often times, it comes in the form of exposure & experience years earlier when one is not aware.
Over the last 17 years in which I have been involved in the Confederate Cause while seeking the RESTORATION of our Legal Government here in the South, I have come to meet MANY fine people- Confederates all from all across this country and many from ‘above’ the Mason-Dixon line.  ALL are coming to their ‘realization’.
Each shares the same passion and each has had similar experiences.  This cannot be coincidence but an act of providence in the hopes of reversing the ugly tide that has been cast down upon this Nation by an unforgiving and uncaring Federal Government.  A Federal Government who has taken God from us, stripped the people of their identity, culture, history and heritage while systematically exposing them to an international cabal of money looters who could care less about us or America in the name and guise of International Expansion.  The pollution they have created, in collaboration with the entity in NY called the United Nations, has been the un-doing of America!
It has been an on-going process ever since 1865 and accelerated at key & varying points in our History providing the Federals with their current mantle & domain upon which they now seat.  The 1960’s only enhanced that posture & domain over us by allowing them to extend their web of control & deceit through various Federally created authorities such as: The Department of ‘Education’, Department of Housing; Department of Energy; Department of Transportation and so on.  This & more is now the tangled web, enhanced by corruption, that most people within America are feeling and experiencing in one form or another.
During this time, ‘political correctness’ became the vehicle through which each of these entities created by the demagogue would excel- and at an immeasurable cost to one and all and this country overall.
Political Correctness folks is a euphemism for Cultural Marxism.
BOTH parties are complicit in its creation- the Republic Rats!  Remember, the Republicans gave us Lincoln & the Democrats gave us FDR…and now Barack Hussein Obama!
The country was being altered as it was planned and as it was intended.
Y’all are realizing this today, up close and personal, via Obama and his Transformation of America and Transfer of Wealth agendas.  His political doctrines have taken away more of your liberties and freedoms in his guise which is simply an EXTENSION of all else that has preceded him and his ilk.  Remember, Lincoln created Reconstruction and the bastard offspring of Reconstruction, is Obama’s "Transformation." disguised as ‘Hope & Change’.  Its NOT you imagination!
The hardships that is running rampant across this Nation are the end result of Brer Fox having lived in the peoples chicken coop for 145 years.
How can anyone in their right mind trust the Federals, who CLAIM to have YOUR best interests in mind, when they won’t even respect God while throwing one of our own States (Arizona) to the International Wolves?
Does anyone seriously believe that THEY (Federals) who have created this ‘platform’ wherein they can NOW DO THIS, will serve them as an Individual?
I CANNOT even begin to remotely imagine how those Christian Confederates of 150 years ago felt when they were forced to live under this realization when it was so apparent and so obvious to them.
Having to have fought as long and as hard as they did and to live and see the Republic for which they stood, dissolve before their very eyes while an Army of Occupation at the point of a bayonet, forced them into submission while keeping them silenced for over 10 years of Federal Reconstruction until the ‘Federal purpose’ of  Reconstruction was firmly in place in the South, and supported by the illegal passage of several Amendments that not only ‘justified’ their illegal invasion, but created the foundation for the mantle they currently sit upon!
I will continue to oppose them to the best of my God-given ability.  I am a Confederate.  I believe in fairness and in State Sovereignty as I believe in the Republic and NOT this Beast of a Government which has altered and stolen the Republic from me who resides in Washington, DC.  I will remain un-Reconstructed as those who went before me and I will continue to advance the Confederate Cause wherever & however possible.
I believe the Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations to be the natural conduit through which the Restoration process of our Legal Confederate Government will be realized.
Lastly, and matter of factly, the Restoration process that will re-seat both houses of the Confederate Congress and establish the basis for national elections that will determine our Second President, is the ONLY means through which Constitutional Sovereignty & the resurrection of this Republic can be realized and attained.
WE MUST separate though restoration if we are too survive the political landscape & nightmare that the Federals have created in THEIR image!  This was NEVER the intention of that which was created and set forth by the Founding Fathers.
Let them go their way.  Let them delight in their visions as they believe them to be.  Let them apply to their constituents that which they believe to be the end-all, be all solution that will lead them to their ‘ivory shores’.
As General Robert E. Lee said, "let THOSE People do what they want…..but leave us out of IT!"
One day, the passion of right and wrong will be ‘seated’ along side each of you as well….and on that day I can only hope and pray that y’all will be able to ‘Pass & Review’ this time & these events in our History wherein America returned to her roots and proud identity?
God Bless and may God Save the South….for so Goes the South, So WILL Go this NATION.  Deo Vindice!
‘When the South Lost, so Too did this Entire Nation…but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time!’
ALL Roads Lead to 1865- the beginning of the end!
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters for the RESTORATION of the LEGAL Government of the South- The Confederate States of America!
PS-    Will you join us now and become a member of the Society?
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Permission to Forward.