Partyin’, plottin’ and plannin’ for Dixie


I’m happy to report that the least politically-correct and most action-oriented organization in SC, the South Carolina Conservative Action Council, has held two great Christmas parties this past week.

These were as strategic as they were convivial. We basked in the glow of this young fighting force’s accomplishments, including dislodging commie Rep. John Spratt from his seat of 23 years in the US Congress, and set new goals for the future.

Primary among the latter is drawing the public’s attention to the South’s 1860s holocausting (a subject the System works around the clock to eclipse) by holding a big demonstration each year on the anniversary of Sherman’s burning of Columbia after the city had surrendered. Toward this end we passed out a draft bill and wound people up to get sponsors for it.

You all are invited to the next such demo, by the way – this February 17 at 12 noon. More on that later. The soiree last Saturday featured Dr. Edward Fields, a speaker who is so politically-incorrect that another super-Southerner on the bill canceled, saying he couldn’t appear on the same program with him! I was wondering how the crowd would take Dr. Fields’ presentation, but bless God, only one attendee from Chicago got up, wrongly accused him of preaching “hate” and left. Everybody else partied on!

Ever the gentleman, Dr. Fields stated that he understood the other speaker’s position, that they were still on good terms and we shouldn’t think ill of him.

J. and A. H. were in charge of food, featuring of course barbecue. I put it to them in advance that not everybody likes or eats pork, and don’t you know they provided pulled pork, chicken *and lamb* too?

The gathering last night guests included longtime Southern preacher and publisher T.R. and 4 of his 7 homeschooled rebel young ‘uns. Authors of two new books were present and spoke of many relevant things. Drawings were held, gifts passed out, delicious (and *truly* home-style) fare consumed, but above all we laid the groundwork for more victories.

ACTION is literally our middle name. All are invited to join in our work and fun, which are usually simultaneous. More info at