Both political parties biased, prejudiced

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Both the Republican and Democratic candidates have shown by their words and actions that prejudice exists against Southern Americans and their heritage.

In various interviews, including the Republican debate in Florida, when shown the Southern Confederate flag, Mitt Romney’s prejudice and biased point of view came forth in his answer. Thus his attitude toward Southerners became apparent in his answers. With his heritage being from Massachusetts and his attempt to be politically correct, what can you expect from this rich Northerner?

From our Southern ancestors to our flags and clothing and songs, i.e. Dixie, both parties have trashed Southern heritage. So for whom do Southern Americans vote in this election?

You could expect the Democrats to trash everything Southern in an attempt to get the black vote. And liberals hate everything that represents freedom from an oppressive government that has held the Southern American in bondage since the "Civil War."

Even old Fred Thompson jelly-fished on his answer, stating that private citizens have a right to fly the Confederate flag on private property but that it doesn’t belong on government property.

The correct answer from these candidates would be: "This is a matter for individual states and not a federal issue."

If we adhere to this ideal, then the U.S. flag should only be flown legally on federal property, i.e. federal courthouses and federally owned property. Only the state flag should be flown by individual states. Each state should have a right to choose to fly the Union flag over its statehouses and property — or not to fly this flag. To be politically correct, the politicians of both parties strive for the minority votes and appear not to care about heritage of Southern Americans.

Hate and prejudice from these parties should never be tolerated and they are no better than the KKK or the NAACP, which openly show their bias and hate toward a segment of our society.

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