Parks and Recreation Meeting – Memphis, Tennessee

On Tuesday morning, February 5, 2013 at the request of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Commander, the Honorable Lee Millar of Memphis, Tennessee, Terry Lee and I would attend the Parks and Recreation Committee in Memphis. It was our impression that our presentation would have some effect on deterring this committee not only renaming the Honorable General Nathan Bedford Forrest Park, and to deter any disturbance of his final resting place as well as that of his wife. However, it was apparent less than two minutes into this railroad job that a decision had already been made as the members of the committee began making resolutions to not only change the name of Forrest Park, but also the Honorable President Jefferson Davis Park, and Confederate Park before anyone had a chance to speak . It was an insult to all present, and to the process of governing the people.
It would get even worse as the hate filled agenda towards the General would be led by members of the Council and their so called expert witness that included a man who could barely articulate the English language, yet spoke against the South and the General. I have included the picture sent to me by the Honorable Robert Jackson of an elderly Black woman who described herself as a community activist, and was against the proceedings and the naming of the Generals Park to that of a Black civil rights leader as Forrest would also be described as having been. She would also ask if I would come back to Memphis to speak to her community.
Commander Millar should be commended for shooting holes into the testimony of the Councils expert witness. In closing, I could not help to wonder what these people would think who came to assassinate the integrity of an honorable man when the day comes when there will be those who step forward to demand the removal of Dr. Martin Luther King’s name from the streets of America and the monument of him at the Capitol Mall because of allegations of whore mongering and climbing into bed with communists. Today, however, just as it had been in Lake City, Florida, after my presentation in defense of the name of Forrest, and of the Honorable Police Chief Argatha Gilmore, I would receive an ovation from those present that would literally send chills down my spine, and remind me that Olustee would be next as the NAACP had promised to continue its hate filled agenda to drive a wedge between the Black and White folks of the South as their coffers are continued to be filled as promise by those White men of the North who hate all things Southern. God bless you.
Your brother,