Parade Plans
Plans for the SCV’s entry in the 73rd Annual Elk City Rodeo of Champions Parade Sept. 3rd are going well. Ken Brewer has a flatbed trailer we will use. The Camp banners will be displayed on each side. Flags will be mounted in the bed of the pickup pulling the trailer, and at the front and along the side of the trailer.
Marchers will follow the trailer with Enfields and/or flags, and at least two members of the SCV Mechanized Cavalry will follow the marchers. All members in civilian clothes (or even in uniform) are invited to ride the trailer.


Ken has also provided a CD player and a PA system with huge speakers that will play "Dixie" "The Bonnie Blue Flag" and "The Yellow Rose of Texas" over and over as we march the length of the parade route.
Bill Brocker hinted that he and his boys might possibly also be here and I thought it would be a great sight for the boys to carry the Oklahoma Division banner like they did at Montgomery and march ahead of the pickup with Bill to lead our contingent.
I am really excited about the parade this year and hope we can have a huge turnout of compatriots to let the hundreds of people who will line the parade route know that the SCV is alive and well and still contending for the Cause of Our Fathers!
Jerry Brewer, Commander
Pvts. Grayson & Brewer Camp, 2118
Elk City, Oklahoma