Baton Rouge paper insults Deep South
"The laggards in the New South have been the states of the Delta South, including Louisiana. Growth rates are slow and nationally competitive colleges are few. White flight from public education crippled a generation, as the funds for public schools eroded. The “seg academies” were a dead-end for education."
Apparently the Atlantic Coast of the old Confederacy, and states like Florida and urban areas like Atlanta have really shown their ability to move forward, of course, after being overrun with immigrants, yankees (the carpet bagger types), Southern white apologists and those who have long felt the need to impress upon the South the err of its ways lo these many years.  The failure of the old deep south to elect Obama had all to do with racism, according to this rag, and nothing to do with the fact that his politics and views…totally opposite from those who still cling to their guns, religion and sense of loyalty to their past and their heritage.  This, in spite of the continuously overwhelming attempt by secular America to change this country once and for all what it was never meant to be.
And so, the onslaught continues…..
Charles Lauret