Pamphlet Update


Good Day All:

Just spoke with my partner in the UK, John Collier, on the efforts of the pamphlet and we are pleased to announce the reponse to the booklet sent to Chuck Damastus to run in the Southern Heritage News and Views email forum has generated a diluge of request for the pamphlet.

We got a nice response from a lady, Sybil, with the United Daughters of the Confederacy, who does their Magazine and our story will be in an upcoming edition.

We thank Sybil for the generous support and coverage.

John  reports that to his knowledge which is quite extensive, there are no permanent markers in the UK to the Confederacy other than what he has seen in his constant search for "Civil War veterans" graves in the UK
which again covers at least three volumes of both Confederates(Americans as well as Uk’ers) and UKer’s who served the other side. Well worth obtaining copies.

This marker can only become a reality with your assistance and you spreading the word.

The "CAUSE" for which all fought for and what we further with all our efforts, can finally have a permanent marker in an advantageous location within Liverpool, "Home of CSN operations".

Our two Camps will make sure that Captain James Bulloch will receive his honors (Our European Confederate Medal of Honor) on the Anniversary of the final chapter of CSS Alabama in Liverpool June 1864.

Thank you all for the support you have shown.


Jerry and John.