Once again:

Those who preach diversity, practice exclusion. Those who preach tolerance practice intolerance.

The NAACP in Augusta has instructed the City of Augusta that the NAACP will determine what Flags will fly. After all, the Chamber types across Georgia have already stated that the NAACP will be their spokesman on what the citizens of Georgia can do and think. "The main thing is the mayor, commissioners and the NAACP want unity …"

No my fellow Georgians that is not what they want. They want a lot of things and unity, not to mention such things as "good government," representing the citizens of Georgia and the Truth are not on their list.

NAACP Convention Flagging announced.

We will be flagging the South Carolina NAACP Convention at the Radisson Hotel in Augusta, Oct. 7, 8, & 9 2004.

The Stainless Banner that has flown on the adjoining Riverwalk has been removed by Augusta Mayor, Boob Young pandering to the South Carolina NAACP.

We are calling on all Heritage Organizations in Georgia and South Carolina to converge on Augusta’s Riverwalk and help us give a Welcome to the South Carolina NAACP.

Please Post this notice to all known Southern lists.
Woody Highsmith, CMDR. Chapter #50 MOSB
Richard Smith, President, Aiken County, SC LOS

Mayor’s Office
530 Greene St.
Room 806
Augusta, Georgia 30911
Phone 706-821-1831
Fax 706-821-1835

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Flag removed from riverwalk

Web posted Friday, September 17, 2004
By Sylvia Cooper | Staff Writer

Augusta Mayor Bob Young ordered a Confederate flag removed from the flag display at Riverwalk Augusta on Wednesday.

Charles Smith, the president of the Augusta Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, asked Mr. Young to remove the flag, according to a news release from the mayor’s office.

"The decision was made in consultation with representatives of the Augusta Commission, the Augusta business community and the Augusta hospitality industry, all of whom support the action that was taken," Mr. Young stated in the news release.

On Friday, a city of Augusta flag had been raised where a Confederate States Banner, the official Confederate flag from May 1, 1863, to March 4, 1865, once flew.

Mr. Young declined to discuss the issue with The Augusta Chronicle, but Dr. Smith commended the mayor and commissioners.

"The main thing is the mayor, commissioners and the NAACP want unity in the community, and we don’t think the flag should be a stumbling block to bringing us together."

Dr. Smith said the decision to press for the flag’s removal was not prompted by pressure from the South Carolina NAACP, which will hold its state convention in Augusta this fall.

"We need to make sure anytime citizens walk on the riverwalk and visit the Radisson Hotel, they won’t be offended by anything that’s there," Dr. Smith said.

The convention will bring an estimated $1 million into the local economy, and Augusta Commissioner Bobby Hankerson said anything that hurts business and causes division can be done without.

"I think there’s a proper place for all that," he said. "I think in the museums."

Link: http://spofga.org/flag/2004/sept/augusta.phtml