P.C. can be a Southern redneck thing too.

A new social theory, P.C. is a virus that infects all social groups, but manifests itself according to the group!
by Mark Vogl
Wednesday, August 14, 2013

At the moment, liberals dominate the helm of political correctness, or P.C. Some words, like the "N" word are verboten, unless you happen to be a rapper or a black witness in court who has the power to redefine the word for the nation for a split second. Other words like "awesome," or "diversity" dominate conversations and thought.

But it’s not just words, its activities, and even the re-writing of history.

The war that divided America between 1861 and 1865 is flush with P.C. on both sides, north and South. It is here that one can best learn how historians, political scientists, and social engineers attempt to shape and mold history to fit their values and present day political purposes. What is taught in school establishes a foundatoin of generally accepted thought. And until the mid twentieth century at least two different views of the American Civil War were taught. This provided a real opportunity for an American to see both sides as good, and as evil. A unique opportunity not taken by too many. In this instance Civil War P.C. depended on where you live.

Today P.C. is usually identified as a northern or liberal thing. I would assert that P.C. arises within each regional, social or cultural ethnic group. The "N" word is shunned by the main stream media, unless they have a rapper on their show! It’s P.C. to allow certain classes of people the ability to do or say certain things that the rest of us cannot.

But lets go back to the Civil War because this essay is an attempt to illustrate that PC does is not a national sickness, but rather a virus that permeates all groups.

For example, it has been taught, first in northern schools, and then in all public schools that slavery was the issue which caused the Civil War.

This is P.C. in main stream society, the cause and the name of the war. There probably is not an American … I take that back, there probably is not an American who has even a modicum of history instruction who does not recognize the term Civil War as the fight between the Union and the South over the future of America. Even Southern "historians" know the term, though they despise it.

Wanna see Southern P. C.? Walk into a southern restaurant and get in a conversation about the Civil War and see what response you get! It won’t be friendly, and there will be an air of Southern sophistication as the terms "War for Southern Independence," "War of Northern Aggression," "War Between the States," or some other term is used to describe the war that occurred between 1861 and 1865,

Early Northern PC called it the War of Rebellion and commssioned a hundred plus volume history of the war’s reports using that term.

Interestingly General Robert E. Lee, commander of all Southern forces late in the war, and the most renowned military leader of the South used the term "civil war" in letters to family and friends. And this is my evidence for proof of Southern P.C. You see P. C. is a fashion or trend evolving in time, which changes the meaning, common understanding, or usage of a word. Southerners, despite the fact that General Lee used the term "Civil War" to describe the war he was in, is a word not accepted by heritage defenders of the South. It’s not the only contradiction in modern Southern mythology. But it takes decades of study of first person accounts, combined with emersion in the modern Southern movement to see the contradictions.

There are clear regional differences, at the time of secession and the war which need to be discussed when teaching American history. Why? Because those differences then, which can be studied in great detail, can help a person see the very same things in society today. History is not fiction; it is not for entertainment only. History, or HIS STORY, can teach an individual to think in larger terms about issues, and can help identify the forces which operate in human activity. P.C. clouds that understanding by injecting into history issues or feelings which were not present at the time. They divert attention from the real lessons of history by inserting modern interpretation without basis or foundation.

Don’t get me wrong, P.C., like gravity, will always exist. In fact PC is a small part of modern regional or national identity. But understand that P.C. is motivated in the present by political or economic forces which have a purpose.

©2013 Mark Vogl

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