Oxymoron (Petersburg, Va.)

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The best fiction writer in the World couldn’t make this stuff up. Today (11-04-07) on the front page of the Progress-Index, local Petersburg, Va. newspaper, Alzena Mayfield, the current President of the NAACP Chapter in Petersburg was indicted on 9 Felonies by a multi-jurisdiction Grand-Jury. Mayfield was charged with embezzlement from as far back as 2004, according to court records. Mayfield allegedly embezzled Virginia retail sales tax, embezzled income tax and obtained money by false pretenses with the intent to defraud the State of refund money from income taxes, according to the indictments. The indictment does not say whether the charges stem from Mayfield’s restaurant business. Mayfield faces a maximum of 20 Years in prison for each count of embezzlement and 10 years in prison for each of the attempt to obtain money by fraud charges. Mayfield earlier this year was involved in a civil lawsuit involving the slander of a bus driver, while on the witness stand she stated according to the Progress-Index that the NAACP was "The Baddest, Blackest, Meanest Organization in the State of Virginia." Mayfield lost the case and the jury handed down a $250,000 verdict against her. She is appealing the case. I must say in all honesty that the Mayfield lady or the NAACP never caused me one minute of trouble or problems in Petersburg when I chose to fly or display CSA Symbols or Exercise my 1st or 2nd Amendment Rights. A director of the ACLU (Anti-Christ Losers Union) went on a Richmond, Va. radio station and told people how to picket my house and what laws apply because of my display of flags. I wish they had because I had a group of folks that we would picket each and every one of them with the symbols that they hated so much. I find in my experience that these WHITE Marxist Socialist and Southern Scalawags are the Real Enemy and will do everything in their power to promote Racial Hatred and Injustice against Southern Confederate Americans or anyone that doesn’t agree with their philosophy or agenda.

Vote Ron Paul http://www.ronpaul2008.com/ as he will abolish the IRS if elected President. Any help you can give Dr. Paul will be Greatly Appreciated.

Deo Gratias (Thanks To GOD)

Bob Kline
Colonial Heights, Virginia