From: James King –
Date: Sun, May 9, 2010


Additional comments by Lady Val ( A Northern Lady with 100% Pro-Southern/Confederate Sentiments, Feelings, And Perspectives)-One Of Our Most Steadfast Staunch Supporters).

James W. King
Past Commander
Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 141
Lt. Col. Thomas M. Nelson
Albany Georgia

Dear Commander King,

One thing I neglected to say and would like to add as an “addendum” is this: without neutralizing the Northern “virtue” and Southern “vice” vis a vie race, everything that happened to the South will be seen as “just desserts”. Sad to say, I’ve heard it opined that the South got what was coming to it and all manner of vile, filthy and criminal acts were seen as no more than just retribution. So before we can get people to look at the bestial acts of the North as in fact “bestial acts”, we must strip them of their “justification” and show that if there was “blame” to be apportioned for slavery (and even that belief is superficial and naïve), the blame must be equally bestowed upon both sides not to mention the correct apportionment of blame to the African chieftains who sold their tribal war captives into slavery! Nobody ever seems to think about the guilt which belongs to blacks in the matter.

Indeed, the “horrors” of slavery were far less “horrible” to the Negro of that period because he was fed, cared for, housed and had nothing with which to concern himself but his labor which was infinitely less than the burden placed upon the Northern “wage slave”. Yes, he was “owned”, but in fact, once many slaves were “liberated”, they discovered that liberation meant an end to a life without worries or concerns about the future. The Northern rhetoric gave them to believe that the “Day of Jubilo” meant that they would continue to live as they had lived under slavery – fed, clothed, housed etc. – without the annoying need to be obedient to whites and to labor for their upkeep. It was a child-like existence for many who were, in fact, child-like in their understanding of life. Of course there were many who were beyond that particular mindset, but certainly the majority of newly freed slaves were no more able to adapt to freedom than they were able to govern intelligently as we can see in the stories coming out of Reconstruction.

Lady Val