How to overcome a pc sesquicentennial…
Dear Commander King,

Although I am heartily sick of the focus on all things “African-American” not only with regard to the War of Secession but elsewhere as well, the simple fact is this: we are going to make little or no headway with the average uneducated American regarding the War until we can overcome the idea that the Union was anti-slavery and pro-black and the Confederacy pro-slavery and anti-black, albeit a case can be made for all of those instances. There certainly were anti-slavery and pro-black Yankees, but they were few and far between, especially the “pro-black” part. In the same way, there were certainly pro-slavery Southerners and not a few who were anti-black, or rather anti-”uppity” blacks who wanted to be treated “the same” as white men. This latter type was not unknown in the North and, in fact, represented the vast majority of white opinion in both sections. But still, the fairy tale that presently obtains is that the North freed the Negro and protected blacks while the South strove to keep blacks in chains and when that failed, kill as many of them as possible (see Yankee accounts of the battles of Fort Pillow and The Crater).

What is needed is a complete expose of the following:

1. the treatment of Southern blacks (free and slave) by the Union military including the rapes, murders and robberies committed against helpless blacks during Yankee military incursions;

2. the opinion of blacks held by the Northern power structure including Lincoln, his Cabinet, Congress, the Courts and the Yankee military command structure;

3. the opinion of blacks by most Northerners – especially abolitionists like Harriet Beecher Stowe.

4. the decades long propaganda campaign waged by the North against the South mainly because Northern whites believed that Southern whites were debased by their association with and affection for their black slaves;

5. the Northern slave trade which continued until 1862; the South wasnever involved in the African slave trade;

6. the Southern abolitionist movement and why it was destroyed by radical Northern abolitionism which tried to bring about servile insurrection;

7. the use of blacks after the War by carpetbaggers and political speculators from the North which resulted in hostile race relationsafter the war;

8. the “black codes” instituted by most Northern States which forbade blacks in many instances to even enter that state much less attempt to dwell there.

We have got to deprive the Northern viewpoint of any and every vestige of moral superiority regarding the racial situation. They don’t deserve it. Slavery wasn’t the reason for the war and when it became “the reason”, many Yankees deserted the Union army not wanting to fight for “the Eternal Negro”. Until we are able to educate people regarding this lie of Northern moral superiority and race, we have little chance of “redeeming” the South in the minds of modern Americans.

Valerie Protopapas ~