Outstanding Southern Citizen Award / An Open Letter of thanks

From: HK Edgerton [mailto:hk@csaweb.org]
Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2008

On Saturday afternoon, March 15th, 2008, at their annual Re-union the South Carolina Division Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Honorable Randal Burbage presented me with an award that I am sure that my dear mother and Jim Maddox woke up all the saints in heaven to tell them about; ” The Outstanding Southern Citizen Award”. I am so very proud and humbled by this honor, especially as I look around and see so many individuals including Commander Burbage himself who could have been so honored.

As I watch not only the Presidential debate, but also the NCAA events unfold, there is no let up on the slander that the Christian White folks in the South and our region continue to be targets of. My mom and dad use to always say to all of their siblings that if these people from the North would leave us alone, we would be alright ; and furthermore, that they were responsible for all the racial problems that we have and will continue to have unless they set the story right about what almost totally pushed asunder a love that came out of those cotton fields between the White and Black man. Mom, a South Carolina native told us how many of those young black men who had been forced or even went off to fight for the North came sauntering home to the South in their union blue uniforms ; finding and creating an ambivalence for an entire race of people. Many unaware of the scope of hatred that had been created for this northern man who had burned, raped, looted and robbed as he practiced Sherman and Lincoln’s total war policy on an innocent civilian population that he left to starve. She also said that two wrongs don’t make a right, and it was wrong for the White man in the South to blame all the loyal Black subjects for the corrupt actions of those Black’s who climbed into bed with the enemies of their fathers during reconstruction as all Southerners suffered like no other conquered people on God’s earth ever have. She went on to say that until not only Black people, but those liberal White folks who always come here to save us from the bad old Southern White folks in the South, learn a different tale than the one told by the Federal public school system that has brain washed a nation into believing the one they tell; we shall always be mystified by the hate as those in the North and so many world travelers were mystified by the love shown to a man called slave by a man called master.

I remember her word well on the afternoon that I told her how I was called Uncle Tom, nigger, sellout and a host of expletives. She told me, son, keep your head high because at the end of the day; you will always be called Southern !