Outnumbered Confederates
From: bernhard1848@att.net
Thanks for posting Lew Regenstein’s comments on Robert Dabney’s figures for the various engagements listed in the quote, he makes a good point I hear often. In my research I have found that the total cost of the war in dollars spent as well as the total number of men in each army, and each battle, has been a veritable moving target. Dabney, like all postwar Southern authors, had to rely upon recollection and somewhat questionable data with which to fortify their views of the conflict. I have always wondered how Jefferson Davis could have assembled all the necessary research and data to complete his Rise & Fall of the Confederate Government in that cramped cottage at Beauvoir—-and whose figures he relied upon.
I take Dabney’s (and others) assertions about numbers engaged with circumspection, but know that they underscore the numerical disadvantages the American soldier faced when confronting overwhelming Northern forces.
Bernhard Thuersam