Concerns about the flying of the outlawed 1956 Georgia flag

Wednesday, February 9. 2011

Dear editor,

We would like to address our concerns about the flying of the outlawed 1956 Georgia flag on the Eastman courthouse grounds.

This flag was overwhelmingly outlawed in 2004 Georgia statewide vote with 73% of the voters voting to remove the 1956 flag that incorporated the Confederate battle flag. The results of the vote deem this flag illegal, therefore making it illegal to be flown on public property. Eastman’s courthouse grounds are public property. Why are we still flying this flag on public property?

We have diligently sought the answer to this matter but with no one giving us an adequately rationalized answer. We frequently dialogued with the Dodge County Board of Commissioners and their latest response puzzled us even more. They are suggesting The Son of the Confederacy created a Confederate Memorial and that this flag can be flown there.

We support this idea as long as this is not on public property; we salute everyone’s efforts to appreciate their heritage but only when it does not infringe on other’s rights. This flag was outlawed by Georgia citizens, therefore, it should be removed from public property immediately. We encourage our commissioners to act prayerfully, promptly and legally to this pressing concern.

John Battle