Our victory to win or lose!

by Thomas E. Guinn

Someone very dear to me passed away a few years ago, the individual was a close relative. I make mention it because this individual was a liberal who also subscribed to the C.S.A. Newsletter back when it was published in print, with a sizeable number of subscribers. We often discussed our differences, and he became very knowledgeable about the modern Confederate movement, and it’s possibilities for success. He could even tell me a few things about our various organizations, their strength and shortcomings!

It must be remembered my close relative was a friend of his own county and State’s power elite, due to his family business, and possessed pictures of himself in social settings with people like Bill (Slick Willie) Clinton. Both as governor and later as a presidential candidate! We could not have been more different! But we did enjoy discussing such things, and through him I learned over the years to do my best to listen and learn. Which was often as not, a very difficult thing! One day while visiting his home the local king maker called him, and I could hear his friend in his loud shrill voice, from across the room. A expressed the distinct sound of someone in extreme bitterness, even panic!

The local king maker was quite disturbed to say the least, for he had discovered Confederates have reentered to political arena and were beginning to win. In very small numbers for sure, but their presence was expected to grow! After the telephone call was over my close relative turned to me and made a statement, which I now pass along to everyone in our movement. Here is what he said: "Your Confederates are more numerous and you have more support then any of you know. You people can win, but the choice of victory or another very disappointing loss, is in your hands alone. The pendulum of political power will swing in your direction, only when you Confederates have what it takes to make it happen. It won’t be delivered to you on a silver platter as a gift, you’ll have to fight for it all the way. The victory however is yours to gain or loose, for you alone hold all the aces! While I don’t agree with the Confederate movement in any sense of the word, I do understand and if the Confederacy were to return to power in my lifetime, I could only say it will have been well earned and deserved."

I visited my close relative not long before his health deteriorated to the point where he could no longer communicate. He died believing the Confederate States of America, would rise again from history to become a free and independent nation. Even though he was a staunch liberal and disagreed whole heartedly. He believed totally that victory was ours to gain our loose: What more can be said for the coming year 2005 !!!

God Save the Confederacy
Thomas E. Guinn
Editor in Chief