Our Taxes Finance the Teaching of Lies as Truth in a Surprising Arena

by Joan Hough

This amazing collection of truths about disgusting lies and disgusting liars is mind boggling! Your taxes and mine are being spent to promulgate lies and make liars prosper! Read how the enemies of our South poison the minds of Americans and foreigners. Communists don’t miss a trick!  Read all about it here:


If only we can send some decent, honest, informed men to replace those folks comprising the government of liars now running our nation and propagandizing the voters of today and those of the future. If only all Americans could learn that what injures our South, injures all of America.  If only Southern men would acknowledge– Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

If only there would rise up throughout the land men able to follow in the footsteps of men such as Bill Vallante, Ron Paul, Frank Conner, Jim Dean, Judge Napolitano, Al Benson, Jr. Walter Kennedy, James Kennedy, Charles Demastus, Jeff Davis and Steve Scroggins and all members of their Georgia Heritage Council.