Our Rights

From: Michael Lucas

Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dear Friend,

The subject of the last email regarding the Federal Court Proceedings of Anderson County is sad. I agree with you that the continued agression towards Early American Heritage and those who culturally our decended of are nations birth, can only lead to a future conflict dividing the nation far worse than anyone would have imagined in 1861.

Our worst enemy though is among ourselves, when our own kind neglect to stand up except behind closed doors and how can we honestly blame them when they have been subjugated to reeducation by the liberal media who have manipulated everything to the turn of a dollar.

Still I do not hate the African American Culture or Race,except for when I am compelled to defend myself from those individuals and groups who knowingly choose to disrespect our Liberty, freedom, civil and cultural rights, justifying their actions, with the hypocrisy that their rights are greater than mine or anyone elses.

I am amazed at how White the African American Community has become in the last 60 years. How ignorant White Americans have allowed themselves to become in the illusion of freedom verses the reality that was lost in 1865.

Sadly again our nations heritage is being cast to the side as we struggle to survive in the new world order. Our best defense is not to be idle or accept reconstructionism, but to continue gathering and to archive and preserve all that we can by our own means. To not let the dust settle on our past, or furl our flag.

Each SCV CAMP and Brigade needs to be organized to better communicate efforts to preserve our heritage. Presently I find too many good old boy clicks within our divisions who care only for their own personal power trip. This must cease for us to prevail, for We the People must enact a peaceful declaration of our own to defend ourselves together and jointly stand against those who threaten our liberty. I know some have made a positive choice but so many more remain to do so.

Marches I think are a good idea and definetly are needed, the more public and media presence the better. Any civic event that presents heritage and cultural education opportunities must be taken to present ourselves with the Honor Bestowed upon us. Presentation is another matter all its own, personal appearance and demeanor is always important not just for the cause, but just because. I feel efforts for these few things would lend a hand in guiding our future. Else our brethren will continue on the path of self neglect and ignorance. How can we expect others to respect us if do not respect ourselves!

Keep thy faith,
Kind Regards
Michael C. Lucas Confederate American

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