From: ME <>
Date: Wed, May 25, 2011
Subject: Our love and respect for you will never cease!!

H. K. Sir;
I believe each person who disrespects your honest views and your incredible intelligence on American History (that was omitted from our American History books) truly should know for every one of them, there are thousands of us who love and respect you and your intellectual way of speaking.
When I read some of the people’s negative comments they never cease to amaze me how ignorant they are when reading their comments. They are simple minded and would not listen to the truth if it came up and bit them on their hind side. You have the patience of "Job" when reading their ignorant comments. Many people would be angry and become hostile when attacked in a way that exudes hatred. However you are not like that though.
You simply speak on the facts, well founded by you and you have all the ammo to back up what you say and are more of an educator than most University Professors.
If they had half an ounce of common sense, they might be credible, however the negative comments are always based on hate. God the Father knows the truth and so do we. I know our Lord is shaking his head the same as many of your loyal followers do when they see the hate spewed from these pitifully educated folks.
Thank you and please continue to stay as you are, always on the right track, as you have literally an entire Army at your back.
May the good Lord continue to bless you, keep you healthy and alive in the truth that must be told. Remember how our Lord suffered, much like you as he too was a peaceful man only speaking the truth of the Holy Gospel. He was crucified for us and died so that we may live.
I pray that we, one day, will be able to sit at the table of truth and brotherhood, and speak of our ancestors with genuine love and respect for one another.
Again may the love and Blessings of Christ be with you, as you continue on with your journey of truth.
In His Presence with Penance
Bro. John Storms BSP/OSF
MS. Son, Camp 373, Gainesville Vols. Picayune MS.