Our Heritage & Gen. Lee
From: ehpbbp@citlink.net
Dear Members of the TN Division:
There are few TV programs that I like to watch–Wheel, Jeopardy and Antiques Roadshow are just about it.  Last night after the Roadshow a promo came on for a program to follow on Gen. Robert E. Lee. In the promo they said that Gen. Lee had "turned his back on his country" and joined "men like him."
That was all I needed to hear to know that I did not want my TV to be counted among the thousands that would be watching the program.  Obviously the program went on to be one that portrayed Gen. Lee in as negative a way as possible. 
I am asking any of you who will to please write a letter to your local newspaper and PBS station in defense of General Lee, and including the things he did to unite the country after the end of the War.  I’m sure our letters will be ignored, but at least we would not have let this attack go entirely unanswered. It is time we took back our honorable heritage!   Thank you in advance to those who will write letters.
This is just one example of many to come during the Sesquicentennial of when we need to STAND UP and be counted as supporters of our correct Confederate heritage.
Our Tennessee Division has already proved to be pro-active by starting in 2008 to document correct Confederate history in Tennessee through our book project.  I’m so proud of you all for what you have done already. Let’s continue to be diligent.   
Barbara Parsons, President 2010-2012