Our Children
From: tmanning1@triad.rr.com
Dear SHNV Friends,
I have been a pleasantly overwhelmed by the intelligent, concerned and passionate email responses to my short note about home schooling. Our families clearly understand the conditions in our society that are at war with the American family structure and the practice of western Christianity. Their thoughtful responses reminded me, as do many letters that are printed on SHNV, that there are many souls in our states who have not bowed their knees to Baal and are daily resisting the derascination of their own souls, that of their families, their culture and their religious faith by the central state social engineers.
I taught in public high schools for nearly seven years and chaired the board of two private Christian academies for a longer period. In the South we have a great many top notch public school teachers, but their hands are tied from being able to control the most important aspects of their schools focus and socialist agenda. The teachers still are role models for the children placed in their care but the politicians elected by their parents have muzzled the teachers from being the moral witness the children need them to be. Weekend regular church attendance is NOT enough.
Of children who go to public schools and graduate who were church-going Christians from church-attending families 85% of that group will never attend church again after high school graduation. There are many complex problems that contribute to and promote this condition in our society. The situation is out of control for most families who feel that both parents must be working outside of the home. I have a couple of essays by other people that I will be posting on this topic. Our life in the USA is so constructed and controlled by the state that it is nearly impossible for parents to contain these influences and pay their bills without isolating themselves and homeschooling their children. Unless people have an unusual church school there is likely no other way and no better way to pass on their beliefs to their children than through home schooling. We must stop turning over our children to secular to state and trusting these idiots to teach our children to respect our Christian moral beliefs.
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Timothy D. Manning, M.Div.
Executive Director
North Carolina Heritage Foundation
160 Longbridge Drive
Kernersville, North Carolina 27284-6333
(336) 420-5355