Howard Zinn on George Orwell Quote of the Day
“[George] Orwell is one of my favorite writers. We see something good [“Who controls the past controls the future”] and use it, and then if we’re nice we say where we got it. Sometimes we don’t. What the Orwell quote means to me is a very important observation that if you can control history, what people know about it, if you can decide what’s in a people’s history and what’s left out, you can order their thinking.  You can order their values. You can in effect organize their brains by controlling their knowledge. The people who can do that, who control the past, are the people who control the present. The people who would dominate the media, who publish the textbooks, who decide in our culture what are the dominant ideas, what gets told and what doesn’t.”
(The Future of History, Howard Zinn, Common Courage Press, 1999, page 13)