Southerners, oppose Yankee brainwashing

What passes as standard American history is really Northern history written by New Englanders and their puppets to glorify Northern heroes and ideas.

There are still those of us who can recall the days when the playing of "Dixie" at football games and at the close of the radio broadcast day was common place. We can remember when all the fans in the stadium would jump to their feet and cheer at the playing of our Southern National Anthem.

What has happened? It was not only the federal government that outlawed playing "Dixie" but also weak, spineless Southern politicians who contributed to its demise.

More to the point, Southerners who have been subjected to generations of Yankee brainwashing have become too docile to stand up for their own rights. These same type politicians changed the flags in Southern states and removed Confederate emblems.

How has this occurred? Our leaders, beginning with Confederate President Jefferson Davis and continuing with leaders of subsequent generations, have warned our people of the danger of allowing Northerners to teach their history to our children.

The consequence of allowing southerners to grow up never having been taught the truth about our history leaves the current generation unprepared to assert its rightful claim to constitutional government.

The Confederate flag represents constitutional limited federal government, state rights, resistance to government tyranny and Christian values and principles.

Thus, the Confederate flag represents the principles and values this nation was founded upon. Most of the important founding fathers were Southern gentlemen from Virginia — George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Mason and James Monroe.

The Confederate flag is important because it serves as a constant reminder of these values and principles as America experiments with secular humanism and socialism. It is 180 degrees diametrically opposed to both.

The Confederate flag is "a thumb in the eye and thorn in the side" of secular humanism (the belief there is no God and that man, science and government can solve all problems) and socialism (total government control).