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From: rebeljimmy@gmail.com

Those People keep throwing Racism and Slavery in our faces when we dare to display a Confederate Battle Flag in honor our forefathers and Southern Heritage. We display the Battle Flag or any of the other Confederate Flags with pride and teach our children the Truth as we have been taught regardless of what the "Good Ole Government Schools" choose to teach, and then we are suddenly labeled Racist.

The biggest problem we have here is "those people" are judging our Confederate ancestors on today’s values. Slavery was a common practice in their time and they should be judged on how they treated each other and their slaves, for the ones that actually owned slaves, instead of condemning them as if they were living in today’s time. I also believe that God is the only one that should be judging anyone.

In my family the majority never owned slaves, the majority were just poor dirt farmers in the foothills of upstate South Carolina. The few that did own slaves from what I have learned took good care of them, a lot of these slaves took the family name and were buried in the family cemetery when they passed. These slaves did work hard as did most people in that time, when the War broke out a lot of these men chose to go fight for the Confederacy. Black, White, Hispanic, Indian, or whatever race, the Confederacy was made up of all, without being forced these people came together to fight for their rights and way of life against the outsiders who were denying them the right to secede from a Government they could not agree with.

Slavery was not an issue to the South, it seems to me it was made an issue by Lincoln when he realized that the South could actually win the War for Southern Independence. Lincoln and Grant were more interested in keeping slavery than anyone in the entire South.

If our Southern ancestors are going to be judged they should be judged on the time frame in which they lived. Our ancestors are getting a bad rap when they are judged on present day values. I do not agree with slavery or racism and from what I have learned I am proud of the way my family treated each other and also the way the few slaves were brought in and given a chance to raise their families in a situation where they didn’t have to wonder where their next meal was coming from. These men did have to work hard for ends to meet, and that situation is not limited to only one race, all of us have had to struggle and over the years we seem to make it easier for the next generation no matter what color we are.

Most of us could not survive if we were put back into that time frame. The ones condemning the actions of our noble forefathers whether true or not on present day values, I know would have a whole new outlook on life if they were faced with the hardships of that time. Don’t get me wrong I do not agree with Racism, Hate, or Slavery, and I also do not agree on condemning someone for how they handled life 150 years ago against today’s standards. The ones who did choose to take advantage of and mistreat others have already been judged by The Good Lord and that is not up to us.

Jimmy Sutherland

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