Robert E. Lee


I agree with the SHN&V writer who wonders why there is no national holiday to honor Robert E. Lee. I would suggest we even put a ten million dollar statue of him on the mall in Washington D.C. like the government is doing for MLK at taxpayers expense. At least Lee has no F.B.I. file on him that will be hidden from public examination for eternity. Even though MLK is only a hero & icon to his own race Lee had Christian character, something everyone should emulate & something MLK was devoid of. No one can argue that Lee was fighting for slavery as he freed the slaves he inherited from his wife’s family before the war. He himself said, “he would not turn his sword on his home state of Virginia." Which means he was fighting for his state & his home under any & all circumstances & not to maintain the institution of slavery. After the war he called upon all Southerners to be good Americans. None of which was influenced by Communist doctrine as MLK`s words & actions were. So, if America wants to honor a REAL American who followed the laws of God, the prescripts of the U.S. Constitution, his state, home & family, then it is Lee who deserves such accolades far more than MLK who did nothing for me or mine. If there are any politicians reading this then be a leader for those of us who elected you & start the requirements to get Robert E. Lee a well earned national holiday with all the trimmings.

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama

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