An Open Letter To Bill Groves of Crockett, Texas & The Grapeland Messenger

From: HK Edgerton

[] Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008

Dear Mr. Groves & Grapeland Messenger,

As a African American man born and raised in the Southland of America and a former Chapter President of the NAACP who in 2002 donned the uniform of the Southern soldier while carrying his glorious flag and marched some 1,606.1 miles from Asheville, North Carolina to the capitol in Austin, Texas , and again this past October for the five year re-union; spreading the correct historical fact that men and women who looked like me earned a place of honor and dignity under this glorious banner.

It is a sad commentary that this nation claims to act as champions to heal the wounds of warring factions around the world and chooses not to heal the wounds that it created during the twelve year period from 1865 to 1877 in America, the so called period of Reconstruction or Negro rule in the South. This time span in America saw the so called newly freed African used by the White man of the North in every means possible to humiliate and disenfranchise the Southern White man that he had used a total war policy ; the killing of innocent men women and children to secure a victory in an unconstitutional war . With the establishment of the Public school system and the Union League that he used to control Negro suffrage , not to mention the horrifying acts committed by the military overlords of the so called Freemans Bureau, he pushed asunder a love between a man called not only Master , but family and friend .

The contemporary poverty pimps and their masters tout the life of Dr. Martin Luther King and never miss a moment to recount his I Have A Dream speech. Jesse Jackson several years back stood in the pulpit in a church in Harlem proclaiming that he was in New York proudly sitting at the Table of Brotherhood with the sons of former slave owners. The only problem with his proclamation is that he practices content discrimination ; he didn’t come South, and as told to me by the Honorable Andrew Young; he didn’t heed the words of Doctor King, when he as a lower lieutenant of King, asked him to attack the flag and was told not to. Doctor King knew that if you attacked the Southern Cross, that you might as well slide your chair back up under the table. He also knew that it was impossible not to touch the ancestral ties of one single Southerner to the flag. Far too many, Red, Yellow, Black and had an ancestor who had fought , died or earned a place of honor under it. It is the charge of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to see that this honor is not tainted or maligned.

I have sat with the Poverty Pimps who devised a means to increase their coffers and personal gains with the same treacherous modus operandi used during Reconstruction; pit the Southern Blacks against the Southern Whites, and there is no more effective way that to attack the foremost symbol of the South; the Confederate Flag. Just say slavery long enough. Never mind the complicity of the world in this economic institution and especially that of our national flag, the Stars and Stripes. Hollywood won’t tell the story of those Black men who went off to war on the side of the South and won a place of honor and were proud to be called Confederate Veterans. Nor will it tell the story of countless others who stayed and home making the implements of war, provided the food stuffs for the army, or those who help protect the home place against those who would invade; looting, raping, murdering, robbing and forcing many a Black at bayonet or gun point to join his ranks, while he used his wife as concubine to feed their larcenous appetites.

I am a proud Honorary Life Member of the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and probably hold more Honorary memberships than any man alive in the Sons organization. I have marched alongside Mayors, Senators, Lawyers, Doctors, Law enforcement officials of all walks(FBI, CIA, Police Chiefs, Sheriffs) who are members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and I can tell you that they are some of the most honorable people God ever placed on this earth. When the White Mayor of Carthage, Texas handed me the key to his city on my 5 year Re-union March Across Dixie, I was just as proud as I was when the Black Mayor of Toccoa , Georgia handed me the key to his city in 2002, and all this just because I came donned in the uniform of the Southern soldier , carrying his flag, telling about the place of honor and dignity that Black folks had earned under it alongside his family and friend.