From: HK Edgerton <>
Date: Thu, Apr 5, 2012
Subject: An Open Letter & Open Report / / 71 Buffalo St., Asheville, NC 28806
To: siegels1 <>

Dear Ms. Lunelle,

On March 20, 2012, as a part of my continuing education, I would travel to Burnsville, NC to the Burnsville Town Center where North Carolina Brigade Commander and author, Keith Jones of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, would deliver what I believe to be a speech that all of our citizens both North and South of the Mason Dixon should hear.  He spoke about a family who had sent six sons off to war, and unfortunately for that mother who suffered as any mother would have whether she be from the North or South, when only one of her sons would return home to her. He spoke of an incident of the war when a brave Southern soldier would rush into the cannon fire of my Yankee friends and that his brains would be blown out onto the cannon, and one of the Yankees would scrape the brain matter into a box and send it home as a souvenir.

On March 24, 2012, (my moms’ birthday) I would travel to Morristown, Tennessee, to the Bradford Rose Camp 1638, where I would not only introduce my brothers new pictorial documentary book on the Historic March Across Dixie, and be pleasantly surprised about the new comic book series on the Honorable Nathan Bedford Forrest, authored by the Honorable Tennessee Division Sons of Confederate Veterans Commander Mike Beck. I must say that I don’t know which to be the proudest of. I am happy to report that I am so happy about the sales of Terry Lee’s book in the Black community, especially from the Black Church. And I hope that every Camp and every Chapter of the Sons and Daughters, community at large, and all those who participated in , and supported the March, and not to forget the ladies of the Rose get a copy, and especially those in the legal profession who find themselves defending our babies who make a Stand for our heritage. This book puts to rest so many lies, especially about the true story of how so many in the Black community of the South feel about our Heritage and our Flag.

Since October 14, 2012 will mark the ten year anniversary of the beginning of the Historic March Across Dixie, I have already began formulating plans to commemorate the event, and am hoping that in this same year of the Sesquicentennial of the War,  that I can solicit the same level of support that we received during the March. It is my contention to post my flag for ten minutes in every town that we pass through until once again we reach the Capitol in Austin, and to give speeches should I be asked along the way. I am asking also for any other suggestions. I hope that Commander Joe Bostwich in Texas reads this because I owe his Camp a stop.

In conclusion, I am continually being asked by so many of my babies to help them to formulate plans for a civil disobedience Stand in support of our Flag and Heritage. However, I have a gut feeling that this is something that I probably should let them do on their own. I can’t keep from thinking about the condition that young Candice Yvonna Hardwick of 2942 Hunter Way, Dillon, South Carolina, finds herself in as a result of her courageous Stand. Her young life almost completely destroyed as she finds herself almost destitute because she would not compromise her principals on the subject matter. And those who promised to make it so, gloating as they promised they would, and the example they would make of her. I hope the battle in the legal theater will continue in hopes to give her and us a much needed victory. I have pleaded with minimum success on her behalf for folks to help this young warrior, and I don’t ever want again for any of my babies to face what was to be our poster childs plight.

I have come to learn that there is no Hollywood for those of us who fight this honorable war for the vindication of a historic wrong perpetrated against one of Gods’ most honorable people in a land that is deemed one of justice and a high regard for principles of right and wrong. However, on days such as this as I find my gas tank empty, my pockets bare; I shall pick up the Southern Cross and make my way into the streets while confabulating to all that will listen, wave to those who just pass by with a honk of their horns, or a wave of their hands as they have their spirits uplifted at the sight of a Southern Black man who dare to post the Flag of our Southern ancestors and the many of the North who would join us; who just only wanted to be left along because they faced the same tyranny and injustice that they had so recently left behind them. God bless you, and here is wishing you a Happy Birthday (April 7, 2012).
Your brother,