From: HK Edgerton

[] Date: Tue, Nov 29, 2011
Subject: An Open Letter to the Board of Trustee Chair UNC / UNC TV Film on the Glorification of Abraham Lincoln / 11-29-11, 4:00 AM

An Open Letter

Dear Madam Chair, Ms. Hannah,

My name is HK Edgerton. In my capacity as President of Southern Heritage 411, an organization whose mission is to reveal the truth of the War for Southern Independence, with particular emphasis on the contributions Black people made to support the South in its struggle for independence. It was my intention this morning to write an Open Report about the wonderful time that I spent this past Sunday, November 27, 2011, donned in the uniform of the Southern soldier, marching alongside the Jackson Rangers Camp 1917 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in the Annual Christmas Day Parade in Franklin, North Carolina. And even more so about the love that we received from the citizens gathered as we hugged, posed for pictures, and rebel yelled for the entire two miles we marched. However, I was awakened this morning at approximately 4:13 AM by a voice coming from my television that I very seldom fall asleep leaving on. That voice would be calling out the name of Abraham Lincoln, with UNC TV caption fixed across the screen.

I had already braced myself for the usual Puritan diatribe against the South, but never in my wildest imagination would I ever believe that a school in the Southland of America would present a film depicting Abraham Lincoln as the second coming of Christ, and show in that film him sitting at the right hand of God surrounded by Angels all over his person. And further produce dialogue that Lincoln, a man believed to be an atheist, had proclaimed that he had been told by God to end slavery. And parading out Ms. Margaret Washington, a Black woman professor from Cornell University praising Lincoln and that bogus document called the Emancipation Proclamation.

I don’t write this letter to you to give you a history lesson. However, I do ask as the son of former Southern slaves in the time of the Sesquicentennial of these events, for a venue to rebut what I perceive as blasphemous, and a one sided presentation of history that eliminates too much about a man who campaigned in support of the Morill tariffs, signed the Corwin Amendment, suspended the writ of habeas corpus, and as the Commander in Chief of the Union Army gave the ok for the likes of Sherman and Grant to perform open warfare against defenseless old men, women and children, as they were given the green light to rob, rape, murder and burn while leaving the innocent with no food, only the clothes on their backs, and no shelter in hostile environments. And told by Sherman not to worry because there would never be an accounting for what did.

And I and my babies that you teach are supposed to believe that a man that caused the lives of more than 600,000 of the Almighty Gods children in an illegal act that he had no Presidential powers to exercise when he sent 60,000 troops to that revenue collecting fort in South Carolina, and who told Fredrick Douglas that as long as the color of his skin was black, he would never be equal to the White man in America, his only hope would be to leave, colonization some place else was the only answer; was the second coming of Jesus Christ. God bless you, and I hope you do the right thing in these matters.

H.K. Edgerton
Southern Heritage 411