One more Book
It is more than just the "Civil War"
Dear Col. J. Ross Franklin,
To the already suggested excellent reading list might I also suggest "The Civil War on the Missouri-Kansas Border" by Donald Gilmore.  Like yourself Mr. Gilmore is a veteran of the Armed Services.  He was also an instructor at the Combat Studies Institute.  His analysis of the situation in Missouri is overdue, shocking, and accurate.  The little understood Missouri Border War is the first act in what would become an over decade long struggle we call the War Between the States. If you do not understand what happened in Missouri and how the New England "Secret Six" (Edward Renehan: U of S.C. Press) acted as provocateurs for a new aggressive materialist worldview that would manipulate Kansas to set the stage for a broader war against the South then you are completely mis-reading history.
David S. Reif