Va Flaggers: Heritage Violation Alert – Ole Miss To Change School Name and History
When we say our enemies are out to wipe every trace of the Confederacy from the face of the earth, this is what we mean…

The banning of "Colonel Reb" was just the tip of the iceberg at the University soon to be "formerly known as Ole’ Miss".  Chancellor Jones announced a new program today, that, among other things, will rename "Confederate Avenue" and place plaques at the Confederate monuments and markers on campus, (or what he calls "racially divisive sites") in order to "add modern context to their symbolism."
The name "Ole Miss" will be gradually phased out, as apparently “Some faculty are uncomfortable with (the term “Ole Miss”) — either because they see it as a nickname or because they believe it has racial overtones", says Jones.
Please note that Ed Ayers, with whom Waite Rawls (of the museum formerly known as the Museum of the Confederacy) has worked closely over the last several years, and Christie Coleman, who runs the American Civil War Center at Tredegar, to whom Rawls sold out our museum, were named among those influential in helping Chancellor Jones to construct this program to eradicate our history and dishonor our Veterans.
Mr. Rawls remains a member in good standing of the Virginia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans… while our Confederate treasures, so lovingly donated and collected "in eternal memory" of our Confederate ancestors, are now subject to the same revisionist "modern interpretation" that is already found at Tredegar, and is soon to be nailed to our Confederate monuments and markers on the campus of "The University of Mississippi".
“It is my hope that the steps outlined here – reflecting the hard work of university committees and our consultants – will prove valuable in making us a stronger and healthier university, bringing us closer to our goal of being a warm and welcoming place for every person every day, regardless of race, religious preference, country of origin, ability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or gender expression.”, says Jones.
Apparently,  that warm welcome extends to everyone…except those of Confederate ancestry.
Grayson Jennings
Va Flaggers