Ole Miss
From: cscitizen@windstream.net
After having discussed the “supposed" Klan Rally at Ole Miss’ last football game with several other people we had all individually come to the same conclusion, the whole thing was a front, a set-up.
Their robes looked to be made of silk, which is too expensive to be used for that purpose. Their flags still had the creases in them as if they had just been bought & this was their first time to be used.
In short, I don’t know who these people were that were calling themselves the klan but, I’m certain it wasn’t the real klan. However, I do know what their motive was. I think some group opposed to the Confederate symbols at Ole Miss put on this whole scam in order to help achieve the goal of getting rid of every remembrance of the Confederacy removed from this university.
Perhaps, someone with more talent & resources than myself would like to investigate this & see who it was that was really at Ole Miss pretending to be the klan for obvious reasons. Just my thoughts on the matter.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama