Ole Miss Controversy…Why dont we stand together?

From: WEBBYJOE@aol.com

Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008

I belive Jesus said, in affect,,,"he who is not against us is for us". I belive that wholeheartly. Dispense with the "egos" and "personal agendas"…NOW!…before it is too late. Bradly Morris, a new SCV recruit in our camp has captured a vision and a purpose. He was embrazoned to stand up to those who would destroy our heritage, by none other than the honorable HK Edgerton…He (HK) desrves our full support! If he needs money…and I belive he does…then cover him up with it, if you have the resources. It will be money well spent in defense of our cause. If he needs your presence and you can be there…you owe it to yourself and our ancestors to be there with him.

I know of NO ONE the entire Confederacy who is doing the work of tearing down walls and building bridges that he is doing….NO ONE! We either watch and marvel or take pot shots at him from the side. because he isn’t doin it right. I tell you now, that I hang my head in shame at out National…Army…and Division leadership at how he is treated by most. Get in the game….he is doing YOUR work!

I don’t care how much $$$ he recieves…I know it doesn’t match what he spends…I know it for a fact! But if he made a million dollars….GOD BLESS HIM! The workman is due double honor! If he has a character flaw or is not perfect…I’ll get over that too. I am sick of Holier than Thou sideliners trying to undo his work. This is the bottom line people. I have been in the fight….I have paid my dues…LEAD….FOLLOW….Or GET THE HELL OUTTA THE WAY!

Hk has his finger on the pulse of the Southern Rights activist and "Charge Keeping" SCV member. We lost the war because we spent so much time and effort quarrelling amongst ourselves. Come together. Put aside petty differences and ego trips. After we have whipped those peoples asses real good, then we can talk about our differences. Get behind this young man and HK. Fight like demons and scream like furies. Keep the skeer on. Dont back up, slack up or shut up ’til we’re taken up. God Save the South and God Bless Dixie.

Mike Webb, Commander
"Crystal Springs Southern Rights"
Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp # 712
8108 Harmony Road
Crystal Springs, MS
Yankee Occupation Code 39059 [><]