Ole Miss and the World

From: Nativelover222@aol.com


I just read on the Nov 25th newsletter about how "the world" will have its eyes on Ole Miss for the 2008 pres. debate. Wow!! To my mind that explains a lot!! I can see it now. "Let’s get rid of this racist flag and Colonel Rebel mascot so that when "the world" comes here we won’t have to explain anything about our shameful Confederate past. We need to go with the flow and show people how far we’ve come." In my opinion that’s your first mistake. Keep right on lying to yourself and denying your past. To me people like that is one of the biggest things that is wrong with the South today. There is a name for that. Scalawag. I don’t believe Mississippi or any other part of the South should have to stand up and defend it’s self to anyone. Mississippi was and is a great Southern state. At the time of the War Mississippi had as many if not more millionaires than New York. Now Mississippi, as well as most other Southern states, is the poorest in the nation. Quite a change I’d say. Instead of sitting on that stool of eternal repentance put that flag back and restore that mascot and when the "world" comes, point the finger at the cause and tell them loud and long why. The real why. Be damned if I’d miss such a chance with all the press that will be there. And you know what? I’d smile doing it!! I will never hang my head for being Southern and having a drawl. I think Mr. Khayat should be ashamed of himself for trying to deny his heritage. I think it’s great to want to better the University but at what cost?? Mississippi will always be a Southern state as far as geography goes, but with more and more Southerners denying who they are and taking speech lessons, how long before Mississippi and the rest of the South is full of people who reflect what "the world’s" opinion of us should be??? I hope I don’t live to see it because thinking of it breaks my heart. I look at things that go on here in the South and my thought is "With people like that no wonder we lost the War."

God help us help our stupid selves!!!

Mindi Green