Old Virginny is dead
From: m.w.hines@juno.com

Hi Charles,
Jim Nolan for inRich.com wrote the following:

A tired but beaming Gov. Timothy M. Kaine today said the election of Sen. Barack Obama was "an amazing day — one of the best days of our lives."
"Old Virginny is dead," said Kaine, standing with his wife, Anne Holton, in front of the Virginia Civil Rights Memorial at the State Capitol. "We are a new and dynamic and exciting commonwealth . . .
"We are not living in the past," Kaine said. "We are looking ahead."  ….
— Jim Nolan

Personally, I don’t believe that carpetbagger governor Kaine (married to the daughter of liberal former Gov. Holton) can speak for "Old Virginny".   More than one branch of my family traces its roots back to the mid-1600’s in the Commonwealth and I’m still here and I ain’t dead.  His remarks were in the context of the election results.  
True Virginians may be tired, asleep, or apathetic – but I can’t believe they are all dead.   The voters in Virginia did not reflect the values of Virginia when they elected a radical socialist for president, a carpetbagger governor, nor either of Virginia’s senators.  (Some of you may like Jim Webb and he has made some encouraging remarks in the past, but he supported all of those people for public office.  I was taught that actions speak louder than words.)  The voting pool of Virginia has been polluted with scalawags and carpetbaggers.  In the film Braveheart, the English king said "The problem with Scotland is too many Scots".  I believe the Yankees have made a great effort to solve that problem in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida as well as other parts of our beloved South.  They have been flooding us with their yankee transplants and illegal immigrants for years as well as pumping their lies about our heritage into our own children at the government schools.
After much thought and considerable prayer, I have relaunched Commemorating Southern Arms at WWW.CSAweb.Bravehost.com .   Visit the website and let me hear from you.  We have to wake up or the nightmare will not end.
Maybe I’m wrong and Kaine is right.  If the Virginia of Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Monroe, Madison, Tyler, Lee, Jackson, Stuart, and my own ancestors is dead – then maybe it’s time to bury it and move to a place that is still alive and free.  Any suggestions?  I thought that’s why our folks came here.   Some would say that others should carry this burden or this isn’t the right time.  Didn’t y’all see the huge crowds of our young people ignorantly following the pied piper of communism.  Do any of you really believe that waiting longer will make our cause stronger.  I leave you with this thought:
If not us – who?  If not now – when?
M. Wayne Hines  
New Kent, Virginia (occupied)