Old Virginia is Dead
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Virginia Governor Tim Kaine says Old Virginia is Dead
Tim Kaine: "Old Virginny is dead."

Kaine’s comments show his ignorant view that everything about our state’s past is racist.
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, who helped guide President-elect Barack Obama to victory in the former Confederate capital, declared Wednesday that "Old Virginny is dead."
Kaine said Obama’s triumph, the first for a Democrat seeking the presidency in 44 years, was the apex of everything he worked for since law school. He said he had endorsed candidates for president before, but it never really mattered to him before and may never really matter again. Kaine was one of Obama’s earliest and closest supporters. He repeated his claim he had no plans to leave office early if offered a post in Obama’s cabinet. His wife, Anne Holton, however, was more succinct. In her words, "He ain’t going anywhere."
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