OK Flaggers!
From: hk.edgerton@gmail.com

The time has come to file a legal action against this City that continues in its efforts to destroy illegally Forrest Park and the memory of the Honorable General Nathan Bedford Forrest. I had hoped that in Tennessee things would go better for the memory of the Confederate soldier, and all things set to remember his glorious Stand would be left alone. However, those who call themselves Southern have climbed into bed with the likes of Mimi Elrod, the scalawag Mayor of Lexington, Virginia as our very own have become complicit in the arena of Southern social and cultural genocide. This paper accurately describes this as a War. And it is a Cold War that has not ended as those who hate all things Southern sit back and watch as Southern scalawags do their unholy bidding from them. Just flagging these people won’t get it. The time has come to withhold all of our resources from the cities , schools, and all business who attack us. And I mean that it is time for drastic peaceful action to combat these attacks. And if it means not sending our children to school, then so be it.  We should no longer take and accept what is taking place in this country against our region and our symbol ‘ the Southern Cross". To continue to sit back and watch is no longer acceptable. At the very least donate to those of us who fight this wrong.
HK Edgerton                                              
A Loyal Black Southerner