A brave young lady named Dariana Rudd and her friends have faced down to the administrators of her school in South Point, Ohio and won back their Constitutional right to free speech. Following is the sequence of events starting with Dariana’s initial email to Dixie Outfitters:


——– Original Message ——–
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 18:09:09 -0400
From: Dariana Rudd
city: South Point
state: OH

comment: I need to know how it’s possible for a school to tell me that im not allowed to wear any kind of clothing that has a confederate flag on it. The name of the school is South Point High its located in South Point, Ohio.

This has never been a problem before… please help me!



1. Please go to: This links tells you what you can do to educate the school administrators regarding our Southern heritage and steps that you can take to fight this injustice.

2. I will forward your email to Kirk Lyons at the Southern Legal Resource Center. This group will provide legal assistance and advice at no cost to you. Please send a follow up email to Kirk Lyons at :

Go to : This group specializes in helping students who have been denied heir freedom of expression especially when it involves their Southern heritage.

3. I will forward your email (without your contact information) but complete with your school administrators contact information to two email newsletter groups. The readers of these newsletter groups will write letters and take individual actions as they see fit to support your right to wear symbols of your Southern heritage.

4. You should also contact your local Sons of Confederate Veterans camp for help or go to: and email Chief of heritage defense Paul Gramling.

Please stay in touch and let us here at Dixie Outfitters know how the fight to protect your freedom of expression is going. Thanks for your email, your support of Dixie Outfitters and your willingness to fight for your FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

Best Regards, Dewey Barber


From: dariana1350
Date: September 6, 2005 3:41:34 PM EDT

I took the papers to school, a few of my friends also went with me. We all decided to wear the shirts and refuse to take them off. When I showed the papers about 10 minutes after walking out of the office into my home room, an announcement came over the PA system stating that we were allowed to wear our shirts because if not, it went against our freedom of speech. Thank you so much for responding, it helped a lot.


Subject: Re: Re:
Date: September 7, 2005 8:49:34 AM EDT
To: dariana1350

Dear Dariana,

We at Dixie Outfitters are very proud of you for standing up and fighting for your Southern heritage and your first amendment rights. You and your friends are an inspiration to all those who have been denied their Constitutional right to freedom of expression and their right to be proud of who they are. I’m sure your example will help other students as they struggle with their liberal, politically correct school administrators for their rights.

May God bless and Keep You.
Sincerely, Dewey Barber

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