Dear Dixie Outfitters,

Today a weird thing happened at my high school. It is surprising because I live in the northeast Ohio area. Well our school has a rule where a student may not wear a shirt that somehow relates to alcohol. Well a friend of mine came to school today wearing a Budweiser shirt. I know he would get in trouble and he did. He was sent to the office. The next time I saw him was 3rd period. The office made him take off the beer shirt and they gave him a shirt to wear. The funny thing is that they gave him a Confederate t-shirt to wear instead. The front said, "The Southern Way" with a small Confederate flag next to it and the back had a large Confederate flag on it. I thought it was great being a Confederate myself. Having my school, a school in northern Ohio give a student a Confederate t-shirt to wear was great to see. I just thought it was a great story that you at the Dixie Outfitters would appreciate.

Confederate From Ohio