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Here’s another way to contact BJ’s Wholesale Club: There is a link to the original WJCT story about the Jacksonville employee who has to park offsite because he displays a Confederate flag on his truck. Word of the outrage is spreading and Southrons are responding. Please post a comment on my blog below about what response you receive or actions you have taken.

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— On Mon, 5/5/08, Henry Russ

From: Henry Russ

Folks, this is the response from BJ’s to Compatriot Grayson Jennings of Edmund Ruffin Fire Eaters Camp #3000 of Mechanicsburg, Virginia. With his permission I am forwarding this on to you (SCV/friends). We need lovers of the Confederate Battle flag to register their concerns and displeasure with BJ’s ( ). Grayson suggests that we have groups to target their stores by showing the flag on the public right of way. I believe that SCV HQ should write a strongly worded letter to BJ’s and if desired results are not achieved then file a class action lawsuit against BJ’s. See the following and Google the name "Bobby Tillet" for other links.

Deo Vindice.


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BJ’S Wholesale Club is committed to providing a comfortable work environment where all our team members are treated fairly and with respect. All employers need to balance personal expression with the need to make their employees feel comfortable in the workplace. Like all employers, we have guidelines of appropriate personal behavior and expression at work. While the policy does not identify any specific type of expression, it generally prohibits expression that is rude, abusive, hostile or intimidating. Under those guidelines, we asked this team member to not display the confederate flag in our parking lot. We understand that in the last few days the team member has been parking offsite. We are confident that we have struck the right balance for all of our team members and their work environment.



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