Offense at flag based in ignorance

May 15, 2009

Why would anyone be offended by a flag? Because of propaganda the Union spread during and after the War Between the States. The first two years, the excuse for instigating a war was to "save the Union." The Union was never in danger, as the Southern states merely wanted their own government. The only thing the Union would be lacking was taxes from the Southern states.

Then the Emancipation Proclamation, two years into the war, was used to create a slave revolution in the South which never happened, for the slaves, for the most part, were loyal to their masters. To blame a flag for slavery in our country is ridiculous. Northerners and foreigners brought the slaves to this country and sold them to Southerners, as they were inexperienced to work in the northern factories.

The Union and the media has continuously tried to sell the story that the war was to free the slaves. After 100 or so years of constant propaganda and schooling, the Union has finally convinced a number of the newer generation of this myth.

The loyalty of southern slaves can be substantiated by the Slave Narratives released by the federal government between 1936 and 1938 and taken from the blacks themselves. Read them for education.

The Confederate Flag is merely a flag used by Southern soldiers who fought for their independence and a republic government of their own.

George W. Gayle