Offendable Status
I have read the details of the Veteran whose Confederate Flag was classified as offensive and this story is nothing less than sickening. The VAMC claims it only flies one flag and that is understandable, however the Confederate Flag was being flown by the Veteran, and not the VAMC. Congress passed a Federal law in 1951 that gave Confederate Veterans every right and entitlement of every other American Veteran, and if this Veteran chooses to honor those ancestors of his who fought for the South, he has that right not only under the 1951 ruling, but also under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. In thinking on this topic I cannot express the range of emotions I have had in reaction. I have also developed a question I would like an answer to. I want to know how an individual achieves offendable status. What are the requirements one must have to attain offendable status? Is there a government agency or religious entity that can bestow this status on a person? If so, I want it. I want the power to point out things that I find offensive and have those things removed from the planet by the US Government. I have a long list of things I am offended by and I want them disposed of legally by the Feds. I don’t care if it is in someone’s home, church, school, or on their property, if I find out it exists I want it destroyed as long as I live so I won’t be offended. I want the offendable status to be given to every person and not just a select few. I want the system to be more through in it’s investigation of offensive infractions. If anyone is offended by a Confederate Flag, then I think their lineage should be proven. If they and their family only migrated to America in the last 30 years or so, then they cannot claim offense to what happened 150 years ago to people who had no relation to them. I cannot be offended by things which do not connect to me. It appears in today’s politically correct world the only connection one needs to be offended is simply having the object of their displeasure in their sight. I want equality in this offendable arena because I am offended daily by things in my sight. I hear diversity screamed from the rooftops and I am amused the screamers don’t seem to understand intermingling cultures will cause clashes because one culture will invariably find something offensive in the lifestyles of other cultures. I don’t approve of eight year old girls being given in marriage, yet it is common in some societies. I find child marriages to be highly offensive. I find the entire vile institution of prostitution to be extremely offensive, yet many in our society seem to glorify and elevate those involved in this form of slavery. When will the day come when we all get our day in the offend me court? If it should ever be a entitlement to all to not be offended ,then maybe we can all get our worlds forced into our own conception of perfection. I think it’s time we began to be offended by everything in sight. There is a never ending river of issues we all find offensive and we should demand they be addressed. I feel we should carry our complaints to a level where even the most obscure issue is addressed. Maybe at some point someone will wake up and realize being offended is just part of life. The Constitution and every other legal mandate has never promised protection from being offended. If you’re offended by my Confederate Flag , then I’m offended by your ignorance. The Veteran who was crushed by the dark tide needs our help. SHNV has his address. Send him anything you can afford to send that has a Confederate Flag on it. Let’s fill his room to overflowing with Confederate related items. If someone who works at the VAMC is offended, let’s insure their offense is deep and forever binding. I may someday end up in a VAMC facility and if the mandate of no Confederate Flags is still in place, I will have one tattooed on my forehead.
I remain, a Compatriot in the Cause
Eddie Grey