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This was my original posting from Southern Heritage News and Views, where it was published. Furthermore, I would like to add that as a teacher, I am required to teach the "Holt" series of books at school, which I find distasteful as it mentions a chapter on subjects and predicates, regarding a sentence concerning an "African-America" singer, who sang "appropriately" as it suggests, in front of the Lincoln Memorial. In the current age of "Political correctness" where even Obama says (probably from a tele-prompter, since he can’t do his own speeches) that he "walks in the spirit of Lincoln"- a naive way of thinking. Here is a man with no knowledge of the Corwin Amendment proposal to the Constitution by Lincoln, no idea of Liberia and Belize and Lincoln’s anti-Negro policies with Fredrick idea of jack-squat.

And here are the kids, that I have to educate…our American future (what a sick joke). No wonder so many have decided to home school.

These are excerpts from various material available concerning the status of the Confederacy.

This is all in the name of political correctness.

What future does the Confederacy have if we do not stand up and just say NO. That includes anyone in the SCV…it is our responsibility to present history correctly, unless we do just want to kow tow to Yankee history. When I showed my calendar "Legends in Gray 2010" to students, I was chastised by the History teacher, called into the Director’s office, warned about racism because I showed pictures of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, and basically told to be careful so as not to offend our African American Assistant Principal (I should have sicked HK Edgerton on him, except I am teaching outside the states in a foreign country. I hope people can see where I am going with this, hence I don’t feel it is against SCV rules to present anti-political correctness, if this is what is being suggested by some. It is time we got off the sidelines and stood up for truth.


Gary Price

I believe, as many do, that it is just as valid today as it was in 1865. We are an occupied nation by an illegal government.

Gary Price

Capt John Low Camp, 2161, SCV

No Surrender!

Concerning the surrender of General Robert E. Lee: …"there is only one country"…to some that will never be…"(Shaara, 1998, p. 515)…"the wounds would not be allowed to heal, the vision of the bright future would be pushed aside, replaced by a dark vision of revenge [concerning Lincoln’s death]. Instead of healing, the wounds would be probed and ripped, would become scars that would never quite close, would be kept alive with anger and hostility for generations" (Shaara, 1998, p.522).

"[4.10.65] and that if he [Lee] would… surrender of all armies I had no doubt his advice would be followed with alacrity.  But Lee said that he could not do that without consulting the President first.  I knew there was no use to urge him to do anything against his ideas of what was right."(Grant, 1885 p.555-560).

"[Gen Joe Johnston, April 26, 1865 to Sherman…Jeff [abbr] Davis approved these terms but in Washington the news was received as a bombshell and Secy of War Stanton stood ready to ignite it. In the cabinet the terms were rejected and orders issued to resume hostilities immediately…The final agreement was simply a military surrender. None of the civil guarantees of the first agreement were included" (notes from the SCV).

Ref: Last Full Measure, Shaara, J. ISBN 0-345-42548-0.

Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant, New York, 1885,

Wade Hampton Camp, SCV., Camp No. 273

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The SCV Constitution is simply instruction on the organizational structure, process and protocol. It has nothing to do with how we defend our heritage other than enumerating the duties of any certain offices deemed fitting by the membership.It does not restrict our ability to fight. By being a 501 3 c non-profit we are however, not allowed to participate in the support of any specific candidate for political office. The "Charge" gives clear mandate to defend our heritage and Nationality on a governmental/Constitutional footing.The "Charge" is directly connected to the "Cause" of Confederate Independence. The wording in the "Charge" spicifitly implies "principles" those principles are the principles of Constitutional self-governance. The only reason R.E.Lee surrendered the army was because he did not want for all Confederates to die,thus ending our race and Nationality then and there during the war.We,as a result still exist today and must still strive, for that same recognition, as a people of Confederate Nationality as did our Confederate ancestors.We owe no less than to carry on in that tradition and as a people,requiring a place in society that will allow us our political ideologies and governmental partisipation.


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While all may be as y’all say , it does not change the fact that the SCV has a Constitution and a charge that must be adhered to . Members joined under this Constitution and are expecting no change to it without due process . As we all have seen , the us government has relegated the US Constitution to just a common document , let’s not do the same , since without the Constitution we are just a bunch of guys that have a hard time getting along with each other . There are certain amendments being discussed at this time that would allow a more aggressive stance to certain issues . So far there are no such allowances in the SCV Constitution for this , so until then , there will be those griping about the SCV . If you are eligible and are not a member then you need to join and make your opinion known . If you are a member , then you need to make your opinion known . Such amendments will NOT pass if they are not pushed for . Such things are not to be discussed with non-members . There are definitely non-members who are members at this forum .

Stacy Wade Harris II
The Franklin Rifles
Camp 310, Louisburg,NC

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I believe, as many do, that it is just as valid today as it was in 1865. We are an occupied nation by an illegal government.

Gary Price
Capt John Low Camp, 2161, SCV