Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obama Doesn’t Have A Birth Certificate- – – – So What?


Yes, I know the title is shocking, but that is partially the reason I titled this post as such.

My main point today is not on wheather or not Obama has a Birth Certificate, my post is on Birth Certificates in general. Oh, and I’ll probably add Marriage Licenses, Drivers Licenses, and Social Security numbers in there somewhere.

First – Let me define a Birth Certificate so we are all on the same page. A Birth Certificate is a blue piece of paper issued by a non-governmental entity (corporation) that effectively REGISTERS your child with said entity and confers ultimate ownership of your child to that entiy

A birth certificate DOES NOT indicate citizenship as defined in Article II Section 1 in the U.S. Constitution.

It grants a new type of citizenship, a national corporate citizenship with its roots in the 14th ammendment. The original citizen and the Corporate citizen are two seperate classes. The new type of "citizen" is one who was born under the jurisdiction of the corporations which contracted with the U.S. government and created a new sort of government.

The type of citizen refered to in Article II Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution is a person born in one of the several States party to the Constitution (people are not party to the Constitution remember).

Now for the shocker….. A Birth Certifcate actually DISQUALIFIES you from being President. If you were issued a Birth Certificate you are the property of various non-governmental corporations, and no longer a natural born citizen.

Now for the fun stuff.

This is where Drivers Licenses, Marriage Licenses, Concealed Carry Permits, and SS #s come into play.

All of the above things are issued under and by the previously mentioned corporations. Applicable and required ONLY to their subjects.

It is discouraging to hear people ranting about how their "Constitutional Rights" are being violated, when they are not even citizens of one of the States party to the Constitution. They are properties of corporations (often called beurocracies) portraying themselves to be the government. Do you want freedom? Do you want to be loosed from the bonds of servitude to Babylon?

Stop signing your children over to the "Shadow Government", stop voluntarily giving them Social Security Numbers and thus requiring them to pay tribute on their earned wages to the IRS, and State Dept etc.

Compatriots, I know this is very discouraging, and hard to hear. However, there is hope and a way out. Because these corporations (beurocracies) are not governmental, they can only draw their jurisdiction from CONTRACTS.

You may ask, "When do I sign contracts with them?".

Well, the answer is, whenever you put your signature at the bottom of the Birth Certificate registration form, the Social Security registration form, the Drivers License, and put your SS# on a W-2, W-4, or W-9 form.

I refuse to hear the complaints of those poor souls who complain about "unConstitutional government" when they willingly contract themselves with SAID GOVERNMENT.

Without contract, said beurocracies have no jurisdiction, and ultimately fail.

Please prayerfully consider this post, especially in relation to when you have children. Dont sell them, please.

Deo Vindice.