re. OakWood Confederate Cem.
I would, at this time, like to comment on the situation regarding Oak Wood Cemetery, Richmond Va. One again the government has made a decision not to mark the 17000 Confederate graves in contradiction to their own laws (sic; 38 USC part 2). This has been for years now a theme for our elected and appointed officials.  This time I wish to say; fine-don’t do it. The SCV has lawful control over the cemetery, as I understand the situation. If this indeed the case then I say forget the government- this is a good opportunity to show the Yankees how irrelevant they are to us. Let’s do it ourselves; not just mark the graves but heroic statues, flags, information center all that should be at a site of this importance to our South. It is high time we quit begging scraps from the oppressor’s table and eat the banquette that is ours to eat. Would this be expensive: you better believe it, but I say good! Just go to Shiloh, for example, manicured lawn, fine headstones, iron fencing, emblazoned gates in French gold with the entwined US, modern buildings for the grounds office etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum. Now drive a bit until you come to the 1st National Flag grudgingly placed above the 1st ditch used to bury our kin folks in. What do you think? Did they spend 27.95 Yankee dollars on the "landscape timbers?  Yes, as Yankees love to point out, we lost and in so doing our Noble fathers bent to the task, as was their word, of rebuilding and reuniting. It seems, however, the Yankees were not sincere, this just one more UN truth or what we call in Oklahoma a lie. It is time or rather past time to come to the realization that you can’t trust a liar and these people in Washington are not our Friends. I’ve read in various publication concerns over the perceived rise in Southern Nationalism. May be by undertaking this as one people we can change Yankee concern into out and out indigestion.  As to getting over IT, why should we, we don’t to be part of your club, and we can’t trust you. 
Bill Brocker
PS Just a small point, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the families of the men buried in the ditches at Shiloh also help pay for the invaders fine resting place. And isn’t Arlington National Cemetery located in Virginia. That would indicate to me other evictions than Confederates but then we just aren’t that low.