March 6, 2006
Virginia Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans

The Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans congratulates the House of Delegates for passing SB 401 by a 94-2 vote. This bill took on a life of its own and became the biggest “little bill” seen in the General Assembly in many years. Emails, letters, and phone calls from across the nation flooded the General Assembly. Legislators received as many as 500 inquiries regarding this bill. This bill is so very important in that it will provide funding for the beginning of the restoration of Oakwood Confederate Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia. We congratulate the Virginia General Assembly for realizing that this neglected cemetery is in much need of repair and has been a disgrace to both the City of Richmond and the Commonwealth of Virginia, the political agents who sent these men to their deaths.

Legislators from across Virginia have learned that this cemetery, containing 17,000 Confederate graves, has been left in a state of total neglect and is truly a national issue. Soldiers from every Southern state except Missouri are buried at Oakwood.

Senate Bill 401, patroned by Senator Emmett Hanger, will provide both the funding and legal status for the Virginia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans to change Oakwood from it’s present condition to the Arlington National Cemetery of Confederate cemeteries and a reason for all Americans to visit the City of Richmond to learn about the War Between the States and why these men fought for the cause they died for.