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My reply to O’Shea:




Below is my response to the comments you sent to an unnamed recipient and shared with others via e-mail. Frankly, being insulted and discriminated against by people who are themselves intolerant and bigoted can no longer be permitted to pass unchallenged. Your prejudices and ignorant, irrational viewpoint has made you into the very thing that one supposes you abhor – a bigot. Contrary to popular opinion, whites can also be the victims of bigotry as is clearly proven in this situation.

Valerie Protopapas
Huntington Station, New York

From: Dennis O’Shea <dro@jhu.edu>
Dear Mr. *******,

Thanks for your message, to which the Alumni Relations Office has asked me to reply.

“Thanks”? For a “Communications and Public Affairs” person, you show little understanding of either. I know the tone of the “communications” sent to you and the righteous anger directed at what was (and is) an outstanding example of bigotry and racism. Either you didn’t read them, or having read them you have such contempt for those who communicated with you that you feel comfortable responding as you would to some witless dolt (as you doubtless perceive us) who can be dismissed with an equally witless reply. If this is what the “Alumni Relations Office” considers adequate communication, they are sadly in need of remedial instruction.

I want to point out that the university’s decision in no way precludes the Sons of Confederate Veterans from holding the annual event at the Lee-Jackson statues, which are located in a Baltimore City park near the university’s campus. That is where, as I understand it, the ceremony has been held annually for a considerable number of years.

First, you show your continuing contempt for us by stating the obvious. No one thinks that the University has the power to prevent the ceremony although your comment intimate that you would if you could. We also did not require directions to the site given that ceremonies have been held there for twenty years.

Furthermore, we did not need or wish your entirely inane speculation on the length of time these ceremonies have been held. One has to wonder why you considered it necessary to point out the obvious at such length. Perhaps, given your opinion of us, you thought we needed the information lest we get lost and accidentally stray onto the campus!

The university simply has decided not to rent a room to the group for a gathering after the ceremony. We are not, of course, required to rent meeting space to anyone who asks and we have chosen not to do so in this case. We choose not to have the Confederate battle flag displayed on and carried across the campus.
Again, you feel the need to point out the obvious. Did you seriously believe that we did not know that the university is not required to rent space to “anyone who asks”? However, I notice that you avoid commenting upon the fact that for twenty years, the university had no problem at all renting that “meeting space” to the groups you now treat with such ill-disguised contempt.
As for choosing not to have “the Confederate battle flag displayed on and carried across campus”, I am interested in knowing what flag was displayed on and carried across campus for those past twenty years? The Union Jack? The flag of Norway? Or perhaps the Mexican flag or the rainbow rags of Jesse Jackson’s group and the militant gays? Oh, excuse me, those flags would be welcomed – as would those who carried them, I have no doubt.

Thanks again for asking for our point of view, and best regards.

A final tribute to your profundity of thought and skill at communications – or lack thereof – is this last vapid phrase. We did not ask for your “point of view”. That was obvious from the beginning and we are quite able to recognize bigotry and racism when we see them, especially as those charges are constantly leveled against people who venerate Southern heritage and the heroes of that heritage. Of course, it is a lie in our case, but quite proper and correct in yours.
The final words of your incredible missive (which I assume pass in this moribund culture as politeness) – “best regards” – really is the final straw of inane rudeness. “Best regards??!” You have insulted decent men and women, disparaging their heritage and denigrating their heroes – men whom I might remind you sir, were heroes to the likes of Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Harry Truman, Douglas McArthur, George Patton, Winston Churchill among others – and then you terminate your abysmal response with the meaningless idiocy of “best regards”. If this represented your “best regards”, one shudders to think what your disapproval would engender.

Your note, Mr. O’Shea, though short, contains within it everything that is wrong not only with academia, but with a culture that practices bigotry and racism against traditional Southerners while accusing them of those very wrongs. You have presented an encapsulated version of our present “Land of Cockaign” society where up is down, right is wrong and the inmates run the asylum. Frankly, I for one am pleased that the good folk of the SCV and the UDC no longer have anything to do with financing your institution. They would be better treated in any local Salvation Army soup kitchen and their money put to better use by better people.