Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bill O’Reilly’s Civil War (sic)
A post on L&P by my friend Michael.


I am not one to spend much time listening to Bill O’Reilly but he plays in the background a lot of nights as I have a habit of leaving Fox News on while I am busy doing other things. I was aware that he had released a new book by the name of "Killing Lincoln" but had paid little attention to it beyond that. The fascination with the greatness of Lincoln has baffled me since my teenage years in a private school in north central NH when I had an American history teacher who taught us that history is written for the most parts by people with an agenda so never take what you read for granted. Do your independent study and search out opposing views because the truth is most often not as it is represented.

As a proud native of the Live Free or Die State and one whose great grand father fought for the Union as a member of the NH volunteers I am proud of my great grandfathers service but also know he fought for an unjust cause. There is no need to go into the true history of the economics of the war or the war of terror waged against both the Southern soldiers as well as the civilian population but for Bill O’Reilly tonight to say as I passed by the TV that Lincoln was and is the gold standard of leadership in this nation made me sit down, catch my breath and pray for us all….

I later did an on line search and found that O’ Reilly also says his book is modeled on a John Grisham type thriller. The he also says “In this time when we’re struggling for leadership—and whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, you know that we are struggling with leadership in America—we need to go back to a guy like Abraham Lincoln and understand what made him great,” O’Reilly says.


My reply.

That’s good O’Reilly, why don’t you tell us? Better yet, be the only Lincoln lover in the world to accept a debate with DiLorenzo. Of course you won’t, because you’ll get your ass kicked.

Posted by Brock Townsend

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